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Poison the Well is a hardcore band with melodic influences from Florida. They are currently signed to Trustkill Records, a label with a strong reputation in the hardore scene that is home to band such as Eighteen Visions, Hopesfall, and Walls of Jericho. The current lineup of the band is Jeffrey Moreira (vocals), Chris Hornbrock (drums), Mike Gordilla (bass), Derek Miller (guitar), and Ryan Primarck (guitar). The band began in 1997 and went through the normal challenges that a young band faces. Their first release was an EP titled "Distance Only Makes the Heart Grow Fonder". They started touring and began to make a name for themselves. In October of 1999 they recorded "Opposite of December", which has been called one the greatest hardcore CDs ever put out. Shortly after recording "Opposite", the band signed to Trustkill Records. Poison the Well's 2002 release on Trustkill "Tear From the Red" shows the band's musical progression and evolution of their sound from hardcore to a more melodic sound that has it's own quiet anger.


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