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Pokémon: The Movie 2000 (also known as Pokémon 2) is the second Pokémon movie (First being Mew vs. Mewtwo).

Plot: A Pokémon "collector", with his huge airship, tries to catch the three legendary unique bird Pokémons - Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres - to disturb the balance of the nature and thus awaken a really rare and highly legendary sea Pokémon. After he catches Moltres, the balance of the weather around the world changes.

Meanwhile, Ash and friends have ended up to Shamouti Island, near the nests of these three legendary birds. Ash explores the local traditions, ends up in accidents and bad weather, ruins the plans and meanwhile saves the world.

Also features a short movie - that fortunately is less annoying than the similiar short movie in the first movie. =)

Critique and comments: Personally, I bought the DVD and saw it in theatre because I like pretty pictures. The movie has some nice scenes and overall seems to be even prettier at times than the first movie.

Plot-wise, uh... not extremely shining. The story had some minor glitches, some incontinuities were so blatant that even I noticed them on the first time I saw the movie =) Anyway, kids will love this anyway.

There was one thing in the movie that surprised me - Polkamon in the end credits. Rather crazy. =)

Overall: slightly better than the first movie, but not much. I would rank the first movie 7 (out of 10 points), this one is more like 7.4. If the DVD would have had a commentary track or more picture material (as with the first movie's DVD), I would have reluctantly given it a full 8.

I may be overly positive, but aww heck, it had cute Vulpixes and the annoying Digletts almost got flattened. If you don't like cuteness, this movie isn't for you. =)

DVD details: (R2, PAL - Nordic) All usual stuff, trailers, and (argghh!) live music videos. For some reason, this DVD has soundtrack in 6 languages (Nordic languages and English), but is a 2-side DVD disc with 3 languages on both sides (full movie on both sides, of course). The plastic part of DVD case is yellow (somehow I guessed this).

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