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A.K.A. PokeMon GS.

I'll admit it, I like PokeMon, I like the game, the ideas, but not the whole 'kiddy' thing. PokeMon is fun to do in my free time, and I also collect the cards, and the game paks, no more.

Well, enough about me, now let's focus on GS.

PokeMon Gold and Silver are the newest editions to the PokeMon pak line up. The game engine is actually very intricate, and has many extras I’d like to see in other games. It has a game time that you set when the game starts. Like, if it's 4:15 p.m. when you start, then you set the time to 4:15 p.m. in the game. This also goes for days of the week. Morning, day, and night all exist on the game, so that means that only certain PokeMon are up at certain times. Some events occur only on certain days of the week. It's all good stuff. I know, I'm 10 hours into the game.

These Paks also introduce 99 new Pokes to the mix, with new baby Pokes, new 3rd and 4th evolutions, mood and tame evolutions, time of day evolutions, and stat. evolutions. These all make the games better than ever.

Don't kick PokeMon around, to the serious RPG player, it's loads of fun. I suggest you go out and try it.

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