Politeness is essential to our world. People can't get far without good manners, and polite actions.

A simple smile instead of a blank face makes people appear friendly and approachable. An introduction and a shake of the hand is very polite and not often seen, yet very effective. You never forget a person given a formal introduction. Holding doors, saying please and thank you, keeping the F bombs limited, these are all polite actions. I find that the more polite people are, the more friends they have, and the farther they get.

This doesn't necessarily mean that polite people are overly nice or overly fruitty. No, not at all. A polite person could say:

Hello Matty (with a kind smile), you are the queerest person i know. Do you mind picking up the mess after you and your whore are done petting each other in the sitting room. I'm not pleased with the way you constantly leave your shit astray.

That is polite, but it doesn't mean that this person isn't normal. Everyone has a little room for politeness.

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