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The Iron Man of the Pony Express. In 1860, he made a round trip between Virginia City and Smith's Creek. Indians had scared off the horses at the relay station, so Bob had to ride most of the way to Buckland's station on one horse, while trying to stay ahead of pursuing Paiute Indians. Haslam got a fresh horse and a $50 bonus when he agreed to keep riding from Buckland's station because the relief rider was afraid to ride with all the hostile Indians around. He arrived on time at Smith's Creek, then galloped back to Buckland's station, where he was offered $100 to complete the trip. He rode back to Virginia City on the same horse that he rode in on two days earlier. Bob made the 400-mile round trip on less than 12 hours of sleep.

The next year, Pony Bob set a speed record while carrying Abraham Lincoln's inaugural address partway to California. He took two arrow wounds as he galloped at almost 15 mph along "Ambush Trail". When the news arrived in San Francisco, it had traveled almost 2,000 miles in seven days and 17 hours.

Research from GURPS Old West by Ann Dupuis, Liz Tornabene, Lynda Manning-Schwartz, and Rob Smith, published by Steve Jackson Games, 1991, p. 52.

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