The amounts of these ingredients can all be varied, pretty much independently, depending on the amount of food you want, or what you like; make sure the stuffing mixture isn't too dry though, because it will dry out quite a bit during baking.

  1. brown the pork chops5 and set aside.
  2. sautee celery and onions until they are a golden brown in color.
  3. add stuffing, soup, and paprika to the onion/celery mixture, stir together, and place in a 9"x12" baking pan.
  4. layer pork chops on top of stuffing mixture
  5. mix together mustard and brown sugar (with a 1:1 ratio) and pour over pork chops.
  6. bake at 425°F (220°C) for 30-45 minutes
  7. EAT!

1more is better than less; next time I make this, I will probably use 4 cups.
2Cream of corn soup seems to be nonexistent. I use 1 can of Cream of chicken soup and 1 can of Creamed Corn instead, with excellent results.
3ew, celery.. I don't actually put any in, but if you like it, it is part of the recipe...
42 tablespoons of each is just a rough estimate. Make enough of the mixture to cover the pork chops.
5you can add whatever spice you want (salt, pepper, chili, whatever) while browning the chops, but try not to overdo it.

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