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Director: Robert Clampett
Writer: Allen Rose
Voices: Mel Blanc.

This 7 minute black and white cartoon, made in 1938, has Porky Pig tracking the last of the dodo birds through Africa. He ends up in Wackyland, a surreal dreamworld inspired by both the paintings of Salvador Dali and cartoons of the Fleischer Brothers. Indeed, Wackyland may be Warner Brothers' answer to "Crazy Town," which Betty Boop visited in 1932. The dodo runs Porky ragged through a world of impossible doors and windows, dreamlike characters, and a creature with the heads of the Three Stooges. Another character holds a disused cell window and demands to be let out while a literal "rubber band" marches by.

Warner retraced the film in color in 1949, adding some new animation and changing the title to "Dough for the Do-Do." A Korean-produced computer colorized version also exists. The "Do-Do", meanwhile, reappeared as one of the principal villains (along with Mr. Mxyzptlk) in 2000's Superman and Bugs Bunny, a comic-book crossover involving the DC Universe superheroes and the Looney Tunes characters.

Although "Dough for the Do-Do" is the easier of the two versions to find, it is the original "Porky in Wackyland" which the Library of Congress added to National Film Registry on December 27, 2000.

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