Port Rhombus is the eigth track of Squarepusher's Big Loada, album released 1998. The album is great, but Port Rhombus is absolutely fantastic.

Alex Brown, a contemporary artist whose stylistic obsession has him obscuring things with dramatic, computer-generated filtering, has recently shown a work of his named in tribute to the song, Port Rhombus. "I think of the titles as a seed of information... hopefully providing entrance into the work," says Brown.

His Port Rhombus is the perfect example of his technique, leaving one believing that something has been revealed, but with pangs of doubt, which surface only upon closer inspection. "That reference (to the use of new technology to manipulate an image, i.e., computer-generated filtering) seems as applicable to Islamic pattern or Byzantine mosaics as it does to digital technology. That allusion still resonates, albeit much more quietly. These new filters are also based on the principle of utilizing pattern to reconstruct an image but rather than employing geometric, repeated modules, I’m now using a second image through which the source image is seen."

Alex Brown's work, and the quotes above, found here: http://www.featureinc.com/Artists%20Bios/featureinc.com.brown.html

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