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Port Stanley, also called Stanley, is the capital of the Falkland Islands.

That's all.

I promise you, that's all there is to say about it. Why are you still reading? I haven't been able to find out when it was founded or who Stanley was, maybe the explorer, maybe not. It contains about half the 2000+ population of the islands. It's got the world's second-largest amusement park, a game reserve where you can watch lions and antelopes, the tallest building in South America, Roman baths in an excellent state of preservation, and five mosques; and is perched on the edge of a dormant volcano.

Okay, no it's not then, have it your own way. It's deadly flat, it's got a little over a thousand people, there's a hospital, a bank, a cathedral (1892), a library, a government building, a... I'm going to get downvoted because there's nothing interesting enough to hardlink. It's surrounded by sheep, penguins, and Royal Marines, who can easily be told apart by the braid on the RM beret.

It was captured by Argentinian troops on 2 April 1982, and liberated on 14 June, which is now the national holiday, Liberation Day. In between, Vulcan bombers bombed the airport. (Did I mention it had an airport?)

Port Stanley lies on the easternmost tip of East Falkland, which look like the Agip dragon with a swollen face, rampant. Stanley is on the lower lip, on the southern shore of Port William inlet.

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