Why is the world so preoccupied with portion packets?

Everything you order in a restaurant comes with a portion packet of some sort. Coffee - 2 creamers. Toast - 1 jelly/jam. We're so obsessed with it that I think it has taken over the service industry.

With your meal, you get a portion packet of kindness from the waitress, along with a few smile packets.

On the airline, you get a portion packet of peanuts, along with maybe a little bag that has 3 or 4 pretzels. You know, they come in bulk.. why can't they give you all the pretzels you can eat with a $300 airplane ticket? There's no way you could eat $5 of pretzels.. let alone close to the profit margin.

I was sitting at breakfast the other morning.. and they brought my omelette. With it was a few potato product pieces, and an English Muffin. And one packet of strawberry jam. Would it have been so hard to give me two? No, because if I didn't ask for two, I might not want two, and they would throw one of them away.. It's just so frustrating. I mean, it cost me $5 for that food, what's a 10 cent packet of jam?

The waitress was flirting with me. That was nice of her. She was bored, and found me entertaining, so I entertained her.

Anyhow, so I read my book and all I wanted was to have all the coffee I could drink and have a little peace and quiet. A portion of entertainment was on the tv, racing or some mind-numbing thing like that. I tuned it out. Most of the other people in the room were tuning it in.. using up that packet and tossing it in a pile with all the others.

It's depressing to live your life through portion packets. To be able to count how many packets of (BLANK) you have used in your entire day instead of not caring. I even have a formula... 1 creamer and 2 sugars for every 8 ounces of coffee. This bothers me. I want my cream in a pitcher, and my sugar in a bowl. I want to put in exactly the right amount of both for that particular CUP of coffee, making it just the right shade by adding the cream, spooning in enough sugar. If I spent that much time with the damn packets, I would be wasting something. I would have to use part of a packet, and that somehow seems like sacrilege.. so I use whole packets. Always. A whole packet of butter on a roll, a whole packet of ketchup on my fries, a whole packet of dressing on my salad, simply because it feels WRONG to use part of it, even though if I don't use it at all, the restaurant will throw it away, most likely.

This is not a rant based in any way, shape, or form on Fight Club. I didn't even see that movie until a month ago and this was fluttering around my head long before then.
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