stumbling for a grip. scarred arm braced. hand upon dirty door frame. a dingy apartment. beyond worth locking. residing squatters befouling every inch.

tumbling through door. a shadow of a girl. hungover. another night of desire unmet.

broken windows reflect dark sunken eyes. raw lips, paley inflamed. hair limp, slick with oil.

birds sing their song to dawn. garbage trucks groan against concrete.

a bed of blanket and paper, awaits on the floor.

curling crosslegged against sleeping form. girl wraps arms around shallow breath and family. examining surroundings with bleary eyes.

no cinderella tale of prince and glass slipper. no pumpkin. no hope.

it's well past midnight. transformation denied - reality a faded grey. she dreams of death.

In the year 2001 7,800 families could be found living homeless on the streets of Australia on any given night.
30% of these people suffer from untreated mental illness.

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