Extremely cool song. The Toadies really kick ass on this tune. It is track 4 on the album Rubberneck. I love to get out on the dance floor and headbang or jump around to this song. If you like this song you should definitely get the album, the whole thing is very good.

It is a pretty dark song with a hard driving sound. The lyrics are dark and open to interpretation. Often repeated are the words Do you want to die?.

Update I came back to this node by way of 1984->Two Minutes Hate->Backslider->Rubberneck. This song and several others on the Toadies album (not to mention many songs by many others) are kinda like my own personal Two Minutes Hate. Listening or singing along to it lets me voice my inner rage. Get out a little hate and frustration toward noone. It's a release. Though I usually try to listen to something more positive and happy afterward so as not to risk leaving my mood in that state.

From communication with people who supposedly know members of this band, i have garnered that the song is allegedly about a string of murders in Possum Kingdom, TX. Possum Kingdom, apparently, is the unofficial name of a swampy park between Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

However, i still like to think that the song is about vampires.

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