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The Power Clip Blaster Heavy Nerf Cannon

The Power Clip Blaster is a clip-loaded, air-powered, 10 shot Nerf cannon. Capable of firing all 10 shots in around 2 seconds, this wepaon is best combined with a BallZooka. Due to the BallZooka's slow spinup speed, this weapon can be used to surpress an opponent until you can bring the larger weapon to bear.
  • 10 darts fire very, very quickly
  • The noise created is enough to startle an unwary opponent
  • Light, very managable and it looks cool too.
  • Faster load time than any other Heavy Nerf Cannon.

  • Charging with air takes some time
  • Weak recharge handle means care must be taken not to snap it off
  • It runs out too quickly :)

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