Name of the Marvel Comics superhero whose other identity is Luke Cage.

A troubled youth growing up in Harlem landed Cage in prison where he was subjected to various experiments that were designed to prolong life. Instead, these procedures granted Cage superhuman strength and bulletproof skin. After redeeming himself to those to whom he had caused harm, Cage was paroled and began a life as a mercenary superhero, taking on the moniker Power Man.

He briefly joined The Fantastic Four when Ben Grimm's superpowers temporarily deserted him. Grimm felt a great deal of hostility toward Cage, until Reed Richards assured Grimm that the replacement was only temporary. Cage stepped aside when Grimm's powers were restored by Richards.

All characters described herein were created by Marvel Comics.

Power Man teamed up with kung fu hero Iron Fist to form the Heroes for Hire agency. His trademark exclamation was "Sweet Christmas!".

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