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Power Pro Kun 3 is the third installment of the popular franchise from Konami, Power Pro Baseball. The series started on the SNES, and has continued to blossom onto the Playstation, N64 and Game Boy Color, and is now on the Game Boy Advance.

The Exhibition Mode is nothing special: You have a choice of 14 teams. You can play against someone else, by using the link cable, or against the CPU. After that, you select the difficulty, number of innings, wether the referees make mistakes, and the wind. See? Nothing exceptional here.

The Story Mode, on the other hand, is very interesting. You start by choosing what position you want your character to play at: Pitcher, Catcher, First base, Second base, Third base, Shortstop, Outfield. After that, you have to choose which hand your character throws and bats with and with what batting stance he has: Normal, Crouching, Godlike, One foot on the ground and Long hand. You also have to select which team you want to play with, along with your race. After all these choises, you can finally start playing the story mode. You can work. Working provides you with two important things: money and improvements to your attributes. Money can be used to buy attributes and powerups.

The story in the Story Mode is the following: Your character was a famous high school baseball player. He got married and somehow died. His doctor reincarnated him to a robot. Your goal is to make your character as successfull as he was before his death. To do so, You have three phases. In the first phase, you must get drafted by Mars Octopus baseball team, which means that you have to improve your attributes enough that they will think that you are good enough for their team. In the second phase, the doctor tells you that you need to save 3 million Yen to buy a "long life battery". You will also have to duel four enemies at mini-games: Catch the Mouse, Sequences, Corpse Smasher, and Go Go Run Run. All those will bring you a fair amount of money. Finally, in phase three, your main goal is to retrieve your memory level to 80% or higher, and help destructing the "evil propeller group". In order to increase your memory level, you have to visit your old high school.

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