Born in Belgium as Maurice Engelen, Praga Khan got his start as a DJ, and did his first original musical project in 1988, called Shakti, with Chris Inger and Nikkie Van Lierop. Inger and Khan split in 1990, but was replaced by Oliver Adams. The three of them formed MNO (Maurice, Nikkie, and Oliver), and released a plethora of records.

To say that Khan is a founding member of the Lords of Acid is correct, but what many don't know is that LOA was/is a side project of MNO. Both MNO and LOA were fairly prolific through the 90's, with LOA doing commercial stuff, and MNO releasing a couple of albums, and doing soundtrack work and whatnot.

Frankly, Praga Khan is a very scary looking man. Sure, I've heard it said that he looks cute, like a leprechaun, but I'm leaning more towards Alice Cooper after one hell of a bender, with less muscle mass, and bleached hair.

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