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Track Five on Grandaddy's 1996 EP A Pretty Mess By This One Band. Also found as track seven on the band's 1999 release, The Broken Down Comforter Collection Written by lead singer Jason Lytle.

This song gives us an early glance into the anti-technilogical feelings presented by much of Grandaddy's later work, especially like Broken Household Appliance National Forest from The Sophtware Slump.

Driving and pulsating distorted guitar and drums start off while a voice says quitely in the background:

(We wont forget, we wont forget)

At 0:55 the distortion cuts out and settles into a slow melody under the main falsetto lyrics, occasionally split by atonal guitar lines

And soon you will forget
What it was like
Before your brand new mind

At 1:23, with the word "behave," the distortion comes back in accompanied by piano

But behave,
And be brave

At 1:36, the piano begins to come out more and at 1:47 when the second verse enters it supports the chords played throught the first verse.

And of course this don't sound right
But I'll try,
try to paint my better life

At 2:08, with the words "We'll try," the distortion comes back in like before but this time the piano is gone

Yeah, We'll try
to paint The rope whirl

At 2:20 every thing drops out except drums played with brushes while the lyrics are spoken quietly

And the the tire swing
And the warm evenings
And mom washing dishes
And sister talking to the dog
And the sound of a combine in the distance

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