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The PBP may be used for both good and evil. Observe:

  • ejecting stuck floppies/cds
  • hard-resetting your Pilot
  • fuse replacement for the foolhardy. (it is indeed good; think of the autodarwination potential!)
  • bend 'em right and watch 'em jump!

  • defeating the payment system for SpectraVision decoders
  • picking teeth/fingernails/ears/nose
  • killing rodents
  • intra-class ballistic device
  • pick for crappy locks
A few notes on the above:

Personally, I would put fuse replacement in the Evil column.

To make your paperclip jump:

  1. Unbend the turn that is farthest from the ends to about 70 degrees.
  2. Line up the two short ends of the wire so that they run parallel and overlap. You should now have something that looks like a triangle, except that one side is composed of overlapping lines.
  3. Ok, now here's the part that's hard to describe. At the point where you made your first bend, bend the wire so that one leg comes up, and the other goes down. In other words, the overlapping lines on the triangle of the previous step no longer touch, but are still completely parallel. Bend the clip until they are about 3/8 inches apart.
  4. Now, gently bring the two parallel wires back together, and lock one under the other, so your apparatus looks like a triangle again. This time, however, it is a spring-loaded, hair trigger triangle that will jump over a yard in the air if you drop it right, or if you correctly poke it with your pencil eraser.

Like the rest of life, it is much easier to do harm than good with a paper clip. To make a nasty weapon, take a normal paperclip, put your thumbnail at the center, and bend both sides of the clip down around your thumbnail. You should now have something shaped like a V, but with two nasty tines pointing down out of the vertex. With the application of a strong rubber band to two fingers, you can use this to make a crude slingshot with ammo that can draw blood, or do critical damage to an eye.

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