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The Presque Isle State Park is a peninsula located on Lake Erie in Pennsylvania. It is home to several rare species of plant and animal life, and is classified as a National Natural Landmark. It spans over three thousand acres.

It was formed over the years from a buildup of sand that eventually created a natural harbor for the city of Erie, PA. If you ever visit Erie, you must take a tour of Presque Isle. It slowly changes and evolves, and would disappear eventually if not for the United States Army Corps of Engineers protecting it.

it is a popular tourist attraction, and you can see it in many ways. You can walk the 14 mile path. Or rent a bicycle or a pair of skates. You can (slowly) drive, or rent canoes, motorboats or rowboats to explore. You could also take a virtual tour at www.presqueisle.org from home or work. Some of the nicest beaches on Lake Erie are here.

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