Press Alt-F4 to enter Hyper-Jedi Mode!

The words scream out at you from the page on one of the forums on TheForce.Net's Jedi Council, a set of Star Wars message boards. Precariously your fingers move towards Alt and F4...

Hyper Jedi Mode! You know you want it!

You know you want it! You've never heard of it before now, but all you know is you want it--

The fingers make contact. In just a second, you'll be joining Obi-Wan and Yoda in their bluish worlds, as Hyper Jedi (yes, now you know what they call that little bit of special-effects magic).

You prepare for the acquisition of the powers of the Force, and your fingers touch down to the base of the keyboard. Nothing happens for a moment while your computer writes to disk furiously, until unexpectedly your window closes and all hell breaks loose----

What you have just experienced is a simulation.

The "Press Alt-F4 to enter Hyper Jedi Mode" trick is something that someone posts every so often on TheForce.Net's Jedi Council Forums to see how many people they can get. Because, every time, someone will indeed press Alt-F4, thinking that they will enter "hyper Jedi mode" (whatever that may be in their imagination). But, alas, there is no such thing as this "hyper Jedi mode". Star Wars is just a story, it is not real, it is just the excretion of George Lucas' cranium, even if it would be nice to have a lightsaber to play around with.

Ah, to be a Star Wars geek. I wouldn't give it up for the world.

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