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The daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise was born in London on the 15th of August in 1950. As befits a member of the Royal Family, she's been active in charitable organizations all of her adult life (claiming positions within over 200 such organizations.) The Princess is also a Knight, oddly enough, having been appointed to the Order of the Garter by the Queen in 1987.

Princess Anne came out against a Bill Gates-backed plan that British Prime Minister Tony Blair put forward in 1997. The plan was to connect all British schools to the internet by 2002, and included an e-mail address for each student.Some critics praised the initiative while simultaneously (and rightly) aiming suspicion at Gates' involvement (The Times even warning Blair that it would be "unwise to become too close to Mr. Gates"). Princess Anne, however, instead attacked the notion of computers in school on general principle, telling a convention of teachers that information technology, and its effect on learning, was overrated.

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