Princess Projectra is the heir to the throne of the planet Orando. A witch cast a spell on Projectra soon after birth, causing Projectra to have the ability to create realistic illusions. Projectra applied for membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes along with Ferro Lad and Karate Kid.

Projectra became romantically involved with Karate Kid during her time in the Legion. Upon the death of her father, Projectra and Karate Kid resigned from the Legion and returned to Orando. Projectra was made queen and the two were wed.

Upon returning from their honeymoon, Projectra and Karate Kid found that the planet had been attacked and taken over by the Legion of Super-Villians, who were planning to move Orando out of this plane of existence. The two heroes fought to free the planet, but Karate Kid was killed by Nemesis Kid, who was in turn killed by Projectra. Projectra then took Orando out of this plane of existence to protect it from further "contamination."

Projectra later returned to the Legion as Sensor Girl.

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