A small town in west central New Jersey, about half way between New York City and Philadelphia.

Home to Princeton University, the Institute for Advanced Studies, and Westminster Choir College, and a pretty fair Dim Sum restaurant.

Famous residents: Woodrow Wilson, Freeman Dyson, Toni Morrison, Albert Einstein, Kurt Goedel, Robert J. Oppenheimer, John Von Neumann, Andrew Wiles, ...

Really cool, kinda pretentious (sp?) place. Best known for being the home of one of the greatest universities on the planet. If you ever happen to be in P-ton, checkout Triumph Brewery on Nassau street for some food and good microbrew beer, and Princeton Record Exchange for some indie CDs LPs, and what have you.

Princeton is a borough and township in New Jersey. Princeton University resides in both.

The borough of Princeton is one of the most affluent in the state, due to its long history as a home to both academics and corporate executives of the many companies headquartered in the area. It has a wonderful downtown area with the requisite cool shops and the Princeton Record Exchange.

It's the kind of place I like walking around in in the rattiest clothes I have, and then going into a store and buying something really nice, thus confusing everyone.

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