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This may be of some intrest to those of you planning to visit Utah during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

In the State of Utah there are 4 ways of getting an alcholic beverage.

1. Go to a Bar

2. Go to a store and buy beer. Some stores will not sell beer on a Sunday.

3. Visit a State Liquor Store. These are close on Sundays

4. Go to a Private Club.

We are concerned with the latter: #4.

A Private Club in Utah is a drinking establishment that requires a membership and serves mixed drinks.

"What's the big deal" you say?

Well, you cannot get a mixed drink (that is an alcholic beverage made with hard liquor) ANYWHERE in Utah (with the exception of a private home) unless you go to a Private Club.

You must have a membership in order to enter the club. The memberships are usually reasonably priced ($1 - $5 for a temporary membership). If you don't have a membership you can be sponsored in, but during the Olympics this will probably be nixed.

Some restaurants have Private Clubs in them, but you cannot take the drinks into the eating area. You can, however, order beer at your table and drink it with your food (screwy, ain't it!)

So, in short ladies and gentlemen, if you come to Utah and want a mixed drink...be prepared for confusion.

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