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Title: Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey
Developer: Cunning Developments
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Date Published: December 31, 1999
Platforms: PlayStation, PC
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Fantastic Journey was the fourth game in the Pro Pinball series. This particular table was different from the rest because everything was so spread out, and there was a huge empty space in the middle of the table. The ramps were rather small by comparison, and it takes quite a bit of practice to keep the ball in play for a significant time.

This pinball table has a plot! Well, somewhat. General Yagov is holding the world ransom from behind his giant impenetrable shield. Almost impenetrable. Professor Steam, the Good Guy, just needs to build four inventions to use to collect four crystals. These crystals can be used to break down the shield, and then the General can be stopped.

In addition to the plot and the points gained within, there's a number of sidequests that can be attained with relative ease. 14 of them, to be exact. Some of these quests involve hitting drop targets in a time limit, shooting the spinner for an insane amount of points, a couple of multiball rounds, jet shooting with a random shot that doubles the score from the quest, and so forth. After 13 of these quests, the last one becomes availiable. This quest is all 13 previous quests simultaneously, with a ten-ball multiball. This happens to be more profitable than the plot, which only offers up 150 million points per crystal.

The ball physics are top-notch, with some new elements never seen in previous games. First, the ball can jump into the air, and it can also slide, instead of just rolling.

The music in Fantastic Journey is really something. The basic theme, when nothing is going on is really good, and gets stuck in my head easily.

Fantastic Journey is, IMO, a great game, and well worth the ten dollars I spent on it. And it also came with the other three Pro Pinball tables too!

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