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Someday we shall take over the world. Once the procrastinator faction achieves world dominance the following shall be mandated to all those who do stuff.
  • Monday shall be an extension of the weekend. No one gets anything done on Mondays and they suck. No more Mondays.
  • The work day shall start no sooner than 11am local time. This is a critical point because it is a Good Thing to set the alarm for 9am and are able to keep hitting it for an hour before even considering crawling out of bed.
  • Further items will be added at a later time.

This movement must start from the workforce. If each day, everyone puts off one thing, then the credo Power to the Procrastinator shall be achieved. Why do today what can be put off for tomorrow?

So sometime next week, we shall have a meeting. I hope you all can make it, but it may be delayed a bit. Remember, We shall overcome… someday.

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