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Title: Professional PHP Programming
Authors: Jesus Castagnetto, Harish Rawat, Sascha Schumann, Chris Scollo, Deepak Veliath
Publisher: Wrox Press
Print Dates: First published in November 1999, reprinted with amendments January 2000, reprinted with amendments February 2000.
ISBN: 1-861002-96-3

Professional PHP Programming, one of Wrox's earlier books, was produced under their Programming To Programmer series, which includes online support from p2p.wrox.com (code download, forums).

As with all other Wrox-published books, Professional PHP Programming is incredibly well written with explanations for all levels of programmers, flawless and detailed code samples, and overviews of PHP specifics, all in the familiar Wrox formatting. Most noteably useful from this specific book are the totally relevent Case Studies, which break down each case into their individual files with great precision that makes it easy to understand and build your own. As well useful are the various appendixes and "function tables" found throughout the chapters in the book.

Summary of Contents

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