Note: I am a Java programmer and my theme music genre of choice is, obviously, heavy metal. Your mileage may differ depending on your choice of programming language, music genre, or maybe just because I'm fucked up in the head department. Also, this is not describing any particular program - I rather doubt a single program would incorporate databases, intense graphics and text i/o...This does not reflect the realities of bottom-up design or anything your teacher taught you in CS 101

We start with importing the necessary libraries and writing the skeleton of the program. An ambitious beginning, full of hopes and youthful energy. Perhaps not even a heavy metal beginning, but still emerging from the fairy kingdom of punk rock. Offspring's Beheaded will do nicely, or maybe Hammerfall's energetic Eternal Dark

The program now begins to fill up, the basic classes appear out of The Silent Void that is the Tao of Programming. The pace is calm, accurate and precise, the motions are methodically pedantic, not unlike the quiet but intense Nothing Else Matters, uncharacteristic of the usual thrash metal style of Metallica. The representation invariants are being carved in stone as instance variables of representing classes.

Now, we move on to basic textual i/o, the workhorse of all programming and irreplaceable for debugging purposes even in the most graphic eye candy game. The well-oiled workings of console input are like gears in a Swiss clock, or the well-played duet of two radically different voices and the catchy melody of Metallica's Enter Sandman

As much as the relational databases are hated by any sane programmer (in itself an oxymoron), they are a part of our daily lives. The database engine kicks in like the powerful motor of a bulldozer, gripping the system resources in a steel-clad hand of the powerful teutonic sound of undeservedly forgotten band Grave Digger. The bulldozer plows through the database, pulling up BLOBs and dates, salaries and Social Insurance Numbers in its wake, akin to the insanely heavy Sad But True, or breaking its way trough walls like Black Sabbath's Ironman.

You make a break, calling it a day for programming. But the call of the compiler would not leave you, and high on caffeine, you mosey back to the monitor which has enslaved you, and is pulling your strings like cocaine pulls the strings of an unfortunate addict, the cruel and heartless Master of Puppets.

You are pulled in, and you begin your work on the demanding graphics routines. They are enormously complicated, staggering, they make you curse yourself for sleeping through the calculus lectures in college, they are as mind-boggling as the lyrics of Iron Maiden's stunningly beautiful, beautiful as dynamic colored lighting, Dream of Mirrors

After the program is finished comes debugging, sometimes as hectic as The Mercenary by Iron Maiden, sometimes as despairing as Metallica's The Unforgiven. Then you look at the clock, say "holy shit", and forswear caffeine.

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