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---Project Messiah---
---Authorised Personnel Only---

Aftermath in place! Check out Hexter's writeup in March 17, 2003 to see what you missed (or didn't).

Places and Times: London, Saturday March 15th; Winchester, Sunday March 16th.
Happenings: Drinking, Debauchery, and Classical Music in Winchester College.

In AD 2003, war was beginning...

At Nottingham, plots were plotted, and schemes schemed. Brought to you by a team of highly trained ninja monkeys using an array of cloning vats, necromancy of the darkest kind, and copious caffeine supplies; conceived in dank caverns by insane minds, Project Messiah is the result of Britnoder scheming. With the planning abilities of our Head of Intelligence, and Commander of the North, we decided to instigate our reign of terror one month to the day after Our Glorious Leader's first call to arms. Society beware! The noders are coming! We will strike a blow for the forces of truth, justice, and classical music!

You must choose your team from the following available operatives:

  • HamsterMan. Commander of the Air Forces and acting Commander of the operation in wertperch's absence.
  • BaronWR. He is heading up our 'special procedures' team. Ask him about the cloning vats.
  • nine9, who is still the Commander of the North. We are relying on him to bring woad. He is technically a servant of The Man, but really isn't that scary. He's pretty much on our side.
  • tiefling, who is still Head of Intelligence. He works for the government (boo! hiss!) but it's alright as long as he promises to try to bring them down from the inside.
  • diotina, who has been re-instated as the Morale Officer. This meet needs more heaving bosoms. Let's begin.
  • But... purple_curtain is coming too! Who is going to be the true morale officer? Maybe we should make them wrestle to determine it...
  • Oolong, for whom I still haven't thought up anything witty. Propanganda, maybe.
  • so save me is our skilled demolitions expert.
  • These two are joined by a scar faery, leader of the Western Cell.
  • All the other E2wykehamists, our footsoldiers and grunts. They are expendable, but if they're not there they'd better have very good reasons. If none is forthcoming, they may end up being used as human sacrifices. So they're probably going to die whatever happens.
  • And any others who want to...

Unavailable operatives:

  • Sondheim and WolfDaddy are both stuck in America. Through no fault of their own.
  • Mortice says Unfortunately, I must spurn one great work for another; on the 15th, I will be performing as Sophocles' Oedipus.
  • evilrooster, the Commander of the Sinister Poultry Division, regretfully declines this kind offer. As such, it says, any malevolent fowl that appear can be treated as unauthorised operatives, preferably with lashings of barbecue sauce.

Where possible, operatives' titles have been retained from previous assignments.

The centrepiece of this meet will be unlike any other to date, featuring as it does a Concert, of epic proportions, of classical music. First Orchestra, the Academy Strings and the Brass Ensemble will all probably be playing, and they are really quite good, but the highlight will be the College Glee Club, who are singing Handel's Messiah. I'm in that. When I mentioned this to Tiefling and Nine9 they got quite excited. A not-so-fun bit is that the evil college are going to charge for tickets. They want £10 per head, unless you can convince them that you're members of the school.


The only problem is, this being a draconian boarding school, we cannot offer to the world the hospitality we might wish, especially with regard to sleeping arrangements. Currently, the plan looks something like this:

  1. Saturday. London. I'm not going to be there, so I delegate this to BaronWR, who will be.
    • Getting there: trains are likely to be the order of the day, but our northern counterparts should consider the availability of very low cost flights. These also exist to Southampton Airport, which is really close to Winchester.
    • BaronWR is threatening to be in London on the Saturday afternoon. He can meet noders, drink ales, and chase wenches. I have to be in a final rehearsal. Other wykehamists prepared to take on this onerous task message me to be added.
    • Carousing will go on until late into the night, if the noders I have met in the past are to be any indication. However, eventually, people are likely to want to sleep. At this point, we have to rather throw ourselves upon the mercy of the London noders and hope that some might be able to provide floorspace. If not, there are numerous hotels and hostelries in either Winchester or London, as noders choose. A list for hotels in and around Winchester can be found here: http://www.4hotels.co.uk/uk/winchester.html
  2. Sunday. Winchester.
    • Getting there: from London, it takes roughly an hour on the train to Winchester.
    • Some, all, or maybe just me, of the E2wykehamists will be around on the Sunday to meet visiting dignitaries. Or other noders. There are no fixed plans yet, but the odds of us not entering a single pub are negligible. Suggestions for a good pub please. Ideally I would like one with good beer, and the ability to have lots of seats together round a few tables or similar. Lack of ear-bleedingly loud music and availability of good food are also good things. Suggestions for a pub are in, and have been pared down a little. I will, of course, have to test those remaining, from a purely scientific standpoint.
      1. Albion Inn
      2. Bell Inn
      3. Black Boy
      4. Cricketer's, The
      5. Crown & Anchor
      6. Eclipse Inn
      7. First In Last Out
      8. Foresters Arms
      9. Guildhall Tavern
      10. Heart In Hand
      11. Jolly Farmer
      12. Kings Arms
      13. Mash Tun
      14. Old Jailhouse
      15. Old Vine Inn
      16. Queen Inn
      17. Rising Sun
      18. Ship Inn
      19. Willow Tree
    • At 1930 the School Concert begins. I believe Handel's Messiah is the third item on the list.

These are all the plans I have yet. Please, please, please suggest more. There are various things that could be done - particularly touristing and sightseeing, such as of our fine cathedral, castle and college - but I want to know what people would like to do.

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