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New effort being undertaken by a non-partisan coalition which, if successful will be of a much greater benefit to society as a whole than the similarly named Project Gutenberg. Thousands of people accross the nation have agreed to stop (by force if nessecary) the "actor" Steve Guttenberg from stepping in front of a television or movie camera, webcam, or on to any performing arts stage. This will be followed by a feverent letter-writing campaign to local network affiliates and cable stations and national television network offices to completely eradicate Steve Guttenberg from the airwaves. The major executives of all recorded media will be pressured to discontinue the release of any Guttenberg or Guttenberg-related material, and all existing copies will be rounded up and burned during a special "burning man" like event. Sculptors from around the globe will arrive in southern californa where the assembled video tapes, DVDs and laser disks will be constructed into a several hundred-foot tall likenes of Steve Guttenberg which will then be lit on fire, to the oohs and ahhs of geeks and hippies everywhere.

Join Project Steve Guttenberg today!
January 21, 1982: Initials "S.G." impressed crop circle-like into Iowa cornfield.

June 18, 1984: Image mowed into front lawn belonging to Floyd Hipperson of Providence, Rhode Island: Guttenberg's face with the slogan "Bite My Crank".

February 8, 1987: Nightly News With Tom Brokaw consists entirely of hour-long video loop of Guttenberg dancing with the Village People in the 1980 film Can't Stop the Music.

September 30, 1990: Invitations issued to release party for record album of Guttenberg performing music of his own composition.

October 2, 1990: Party lasts fifteen minutes, abruptly ends with invited guests being beaten and driven out into the street by hose-wielding thugs wearing rubber Guttenberg masks. No album is ever presented or subsequently released.

April 17, 1992: Thirty-foot statue of SG with enormous erect phallus presented to nation of Burundi as goodwill gesture.

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