Thanks to our good friends in the insipid body of legislation in California, gay Americans are now second class citizens in the most liberal state in the entire union.


With the passing of California Proposition 8, the right to marriage that gay Californians have enjoyed is no longer valid. Homosexuals and single parents can no longer adopt a child and love it as their own. A wonderful thing in the state of California has come to a crashing close, and the people aren't happy. Unrest, protest, rioting in the streets. Fear and disbelief on a mass scale.


Just a day after all of America stood against the forces of old and evil, against the neocon oppression that's gripped our foul nation for far too long, this devastating blow was delivered to good, patriotic Americans. A state that voted overwhelmingly to elect a black president has given those damned faggots what they deserve. What kind of nation is this? Will homosexuals be forced to register themselves with some nazi government agency next? Will the gays be forced to identify thenselves in public with pink armbands, a warning beacon for all the Joe Six Packs out there who are afraid of their AIDS? I refuse to believe that a country who just spoke out in the greatest of ways in favor of radical change could be so bigoted and crude, allowing real, red-blooded Americans like themselves to be treated like swine and denied rights the rest of us enjoy.


Who are these people, these close minded bastards who voted for California Proposition 8? I'd like to meet them, to shake their sweaty hands and look into their hateful, irrational eyes, and to ask them;


"What the hell have you done with my country?"

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