Three Qualities of Prospero as Indicated by his Speech in Shakespeare's“The Tempest(III. iii. 83-93)

Prospero shows himself to be appreciative, admiring/praising, and self confident.

Prospero is praising Ariel for completing the task asked of him. He admires his work and is very appreciative towards the spirit. Prospero also comments on his own magical work, keeping his enemies occupied with his charms. This shows that he appreciates a job well done and is not hesitant to give praise, though brief and in a matter-of-fact way, to a deserving recipient. He also appreciates Ariel's loyalty and the spirit's devotion to carrying out whatever tasks he dictates.

He takes a moment to take stock of his situation and to remind himself of the powerful control he has over all the happenings of the moment; he appreciates his own control and organized manipulation of his enemies. He basks in this self confidence, feeling his mighty power over his present situation, of the newcomers to his island.

All these are qualities which reveals about himself in his speech in Act 3, Scene 3, lines 83 to 93.

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