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The major paradigm shift of the past forty years has not been physical, but virtual. With the ever-increasing bandwidth of SolNet, the ways of transferring information between systems have multiplied over and over. We now have over five hundred thousand of the TCP ports being used for inter-computer communication of different protocols. And, of course, with the rise of super-sentient machine intelligences, the need for fewer, more simple protocols is at an all-time high. Currently over 99% of the protocols in existence are propietary protocols for specific applications. Before I begin the recommendation, a brief history of computers and SolNet is in order.

The Recommendation for new protocols(rvision 1.0) is as follows:
Web Page Viewing
High bandwidth http2(SolNet 2.3 port 1) or http3(port 2).
Secure Web Page Viewing
sitp(Secure Information Transfer Protocol, port 3)
Secure Command Streaming
ssh3(port 4) using 215 bit encryption.
File Transfer
sftp4(port 5)
Live Hologram Streaming
3dsp (3D streaming protocol, port 6)
vidmail/textmail sending/receiving
ecp2 (encrypted comms protocol 2, port 7)

As new developments in SolNet come to pass, the Recommendation shall be updated many times. However, should the recommendation be successful, the ways of information transfer shall be vastly simplified.

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