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I was at the Olive Garden and I had just sat down but had not yet read the menu. But I decided not too and order psychically. Here's the dialogue between me and a waiter at the olive garden:

Waiter: Hello sir, what would like to have tonight?

Me: Well, let's see... I'll have the Chicken Parmesian. 
(I didn't know that they specifically had it)

Waiter: Sure. Our Chicken Parmesian Deluxe now comes with your 
choice of four toppings. Which would you like?

Me: I'll have the first four on the list.

Waiter: Sure, I'll just- Wait a second?! Did you look at the menu?

Me: Of course.

Waiter: No you didn't!

Me: I swear!

Waiter: Get out of here, we don't like your kind!

Me: No! I want my dinner.

Waiter: Now. (Calmly but firmly)

*two men grab me as the waiter signals*

Me: C'mon guys, we can all be friends here.

Man #1: Get your psychic ass outta here.

And that's how I nearly got arrested at the Olive Garden.

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