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Maybe Germany's best place to go out?

I have spend 7 years at the University of Cologne as a student and lecturer and still live there episodically, so over the years I have visited quite a few of the watering holes of this marvellous city, which I utterly recommend to visit, especially with cheap airlines like Germanwings, Ryanair and Air Berlin flying to destinations just in the vicinity.

The one quality that most pubs and bars in Cologne have is unpretentiousness: It is highly unlikely that somebody will criticize your attire, ethnicity or accent, as Cologne is a pretty liberal place with a very egalitarian society. This makes it a great place to go out if you're not from around, as you will be made welcome pretty quickly. That applies to anyone on this planet except the 500.000 humans living in Duesseldorf, who should really have visa restrictions to enter the city.

I am fully aware that this list has a strong Heisenberg bias and is still rather tiny, but I'll try to expand it and I'd be delighted if other noders would inform me of any new nodes. Please let me know of omissions and additions to be added to this list.

More to come soon! Or better: Node your own and let me add them...

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