There are six flowers rooted in a polished black vase
There will be six black flowers scattered in the field of reparations
It will take three slices of pizza for Johnny Pepperoni, 
whom I do not wish to hurt
-- thus the preventive measures.

I respect Johnny's downstream, but I'm not upstream either.
The mouthwash can't help me today; I must carry on with the preparations.
Bearings for my wheels, the cork and the screw, acetone to coat the violin,
a pullsong to sweeten the deal for Johnny Pepperoni,
who must be put in his place,
and take on the anxiety.

The madeleines are for myself; I do not wish to see my nose clot.
I want to stretch my legs, contemplate the Sherman-Woodbury equation
but the flowers have been set in motion, and I can't pull back any longer
I do not wish to hurt Johnny Pepperoni
but the boogie-woogie stops today.

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