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Yearly Melbourne event, whereby every punk in Melbourne (and the ones that travel) gathers at the Arthouse (a pub) and proceeds to drink for the rest of day in various pubs in and around the Central Business District. Always taking place on Grand Final Day (the last Saturday in September), the event always draws a large police presence, although typically the worst that happens is some smashed glass or a bit of a fight. The crawl winds up back at the Arthouse (although last year the crawl started and ended at the Birmingham) where there is a free gig.

Unfortunately, the police have a nasty habit of going to pubs which they think will be next on the crawl and demanding the publicans lock the punks out. This is against the pubs' interests (unless the bar is understaffed, they make a killing) of selling beer, and the punks' interests of obtaining said beer. Everybody loses, and it only serves to piss people off.

As an alternative to the Grand Final, it's pretty good. Melbourne is a city that worships it's football (Aussie Rules, that is), and everyone is either at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (yes, I know. They play football there too) watching the footy, or at home watching the footy on television. You have to feel sorry for the police who land the job of escorting the crawl - they're not allowed to drink, and would probably much rather be at the football. Last year I counted six horses, four cars, a minibus, and a booze bus (fitting) in addition to the twenty or uniformed officers that follow the punks into the pub.

Usually a fun day out, and a chance to meet new people and catch up with old friends while drinking beer, there are always fuckwits about, but, what can you do? A good day all the same. The Sydney equivalent is the Punx Picnic.

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