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Pure Shores is a song by English band All Saints, released on their "Saints & Sinners" album. It was featured in the movie "The Beach".

Pure Shores is one of those songs that allows its listeners to travel anywhere simply by listening to it. It's combination of melodic "beeps" and haunting vocals instantly place one in a dreamy state, allowing them to visualize themselves in a tropical paradise, white-sand beach, rainforest, and the like.

In order to get the full effect of the song, one must restrict their listening to only once a month, at the most. Listening to this masterpiece too often will ruin the experience forever. One should also be careful to only listen to Pure Shores in a relaxing setting, such as a beach, candle-lit bathtub, or comfortable bed. Listening to it while on the bus or doing math homework will only you remind one of these settings when listening to the song in the future.

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