In the 1970's the Minnesota Vikings, coached by Bud Grant, dominated the NFL's NFC division with a defense known as the Purple People Eaters. The name comes from the color of the team's uniforms (purple) and their penchant for sacking quarterbacks and causing turnovers. In the 11 year stretch from 1968-78, the Vikings won their division 10 times, and allowed an average of 150 yards passing per game only three times.


  • LE Carl Eller
  • LT Gary Larsen
  • RT Alan Page
  • RE Jim Marshall
  • LLB Roy Winston
  • MLB Jeff Siemon
  • RLB Wally Hilgenberg
  • LCB Nate Wright
  • RCB Bobby Bryant
  • SS Jeff Wright
  • FS Paul Krause

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