Putah Creek is a creek which originates north and east of the Napa Valley where it flows down through the coast range into Lake Berryessa and out of the mountains, through Winters and Davis before entering the Yolo Bypass and then the Sacramento River Delta. This creek would probably be more accurately defined as a river because it's bigger than a lot of watercourses in the Sierra which are awarded such distinction. Near Winters, most of the water is taken out of the creek for irrigation. Unless the creek is at flood stage, whatever flows as far east as Davis is pretty much a sad little trickle. The creek was diverted south of Davis, and the old portion of the creek serves as a lake in the UC DAVIS arboretum. Theres all kinds of habitat restoration work and stuff going on at the east end of the creek, theres a funny little area named restoria i worked at a while back directly east of where the creek goes under i-80

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