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Pyg"my (?), Pyg*me"an (?), a. [L. pygmaeus. See Pygmy.]

Of or pertaining to a pygmy; resembling a pygmy or dwarf; dwarfish; very small. " Like that Pygmean race." Milton.

Pygmy antelope (Zoöl.), the kleeneboc. --
Pygmy goose (Zoöl.), any species of very small geese of the genus Nettapus, native of Africa, India, and Australia. --
Pygmy owl (Zoöl.), the gnome. --
Pygmy parrot (Zoöl.), any one of several species of very small green parrots (Nasiternæ), native of New Guinea and adjacent islands. They are not larger than sparrows.


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Pyg"my, n.; pl. Pygmies (#). [L. pygmaeus, Gr. &?;, fr. &?; the fist, a measure of length, the distance from the elbow to the knuckles, about 131 inches. Cf. Pugnacious, Fist.] [Written also pigmy.]

1. (Class. Myth.)

One of a fabulous race of dwarfs who waged war with the cranes, and were destroyed.


Hence, a short, insignificant person; a dwarf.

Pygmies are pygmies still, though perched on Alps.
And pyramids are pyramids in vales.


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Pyg"my, n.

One of a race of Central African Negritos found chiefly in the great forests of the equatorial belt. THey are the shortest of known races, the adults ranging from less than four to about five feet in stature. They are timid and shy, dwelling in the recesses of the forests, though often on good terms with neighboring Negroes.


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