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Q And Not U are a post-punk/hardcore band from Washington DC. They are Matthew Bourlique, John Davis, Harris Klahr, and Chris Richards. All of the members except John sing at various intervals. They play the style of music honed to perfection by local heroes Fugazi and Jawbox. Very angular, buzzy guitars with stunningly well done interplay.

There first release was a 7" in 1999 released jointly by Dischord and Desoto. Two of its tracks would later find their way onto the 2000 full-length, No Kill No Beep Beep which was release by Dischord and, it was produced by Ian MacKaye.

In early 2002, their bassist abruptly quit the band. Instead of finding a new one, they carried on as a three piece, releasing the two-song On Play Patterns in April. This EP shows a newfound use of keyboards, and is a bit more laid back in tone.

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