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Qapla' is "success" in Klingon. It can be the equivalent of "Good Luck" in English.

In The Klingon Dictionary, the rough pronounciation is: kkhap-LA.

I've seen two ways of pronouncing this:

  • Picard and Worf's way: This is pretty easy, all you have to do is say "Kapla" as is. You can even add a British accent if you wanted to =)
  • Gorkon and Martok way: This needs a bit more effort. There's a throaty Klingon 'H' before the beginning of the 'P' pronounciation and also at the end. So it'd end up to be "kaH-plaH".

Although in the Power Klingon and Conversational Klingon tapes, Worf pronounces his way (which somewhat makes it law), I find that the Gorkon or General Martok way are more Klingon.

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