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This soup takes only a few minutes to prepare, yet it is very nutritious, smooth, and delicious. It is vegetarian, though not vegan.

I start by pouring a can of Creamy Potato with Roasted Garlic into a cooking pot. This is a ready-to-serve soup made by Campbell. Of course, any similar canned soup will do. This particular can contains about 2 cups.

I then partially open a small can of sliced mushrooms (1 cup) and drain it. Then I open the can fully and add the mushrooms to the pot.

Next, I add a small can (1 cup) of whole kernel corn. I do not drain this can, just add it all to the pot. If you do not have corn handy, you can substitute a small can of green peas.

The final two ingredients are a tablespoon of Dijon mustard and a teaspoon of grated horseradish. These measurements are approximate. I do not actually use a spoon here.

Mix it all up, heat for about 3 minutes, pour into bowls, and eat.

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