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i want to be you
to feel your fingers on my spine and shoulders and throat

we can both retreat to a world where
glass and steel and wire have no place –
alien substances with no meaning

the only currency our breath mingling
rose sweet on my cheek
or the yew-berry droplets of blood that
blossom beneath my teeth and stain my lips

it’s not enough to taste you
the dull copper bite on my tongue
or the seasalt sting that glistens on your forehead and chest

not enough to touch
to press china-silk skin against yours;
it’s slightly rougher, like cashmere
or velvet – the kind of cloth that
rubs just enough
but holds in the moon-cold and the sunlight

dance with me
in this endless harmony of stars and rain and tears made of fire
that burn so tenderly that you can’t help but
drink them in

all i want is to hold you
and hope that maybe just


sugar-wine heat will fuse
quicksilver and dewdrops and me and you
into one

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