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The now legendary Quicksilver brand of clothing started in 1969 when surfer Alan Green from a remoted surfer town in southwest Australia wanted to make an extra buck. He started a production of surf clother such as surfer jams and wet suits, mainly for himself. Later, he realized that there was money to be made from this, so he invidet his friend John Law to join him in making clothes. The production increased and the tiny company started to become a success.

The biggest break for the company came in 1976 when surfer-legend Jeff Hakman signed a contract to market the Quiksilver brand in the US. Quiksilver became a Big Company after licensing out production in 1984. They appeared on the Dow Jones in 1986 with the acronym ZQK and started to make big bucks. With the big bucks, came the phat sponsorships. Quiksilver started sponsoring Kelly Slater, Tom Carrol and Lisa Andersen, all highly successful surfers. Today, they sponsor highly acclaimed athletes from the fields of surf, snowboard and skateboard.

Quiksilver wanted to gain profile among the surfers, so they started making and ditributing videos with their sponsored teams. These videos were the foundation of the countless surf- and snowboard videos made.

Quiksilver makes surfboards, wetsuits, surf clothes, snowboard clothes, sandals, shoes and accessories.

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