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I hate seeing humans cry; it makes my diodes all gooey.

On The Jetsons, George's computer assistant at work. Wait, let me clarify. R.U.D.I. is an assistant who happens to be a computer.

Short for Referential Universal Differential Indexer, R.U.D.I. (voiced by the ubiquitous Don Messick) always provided a laugh by displaying human emotions and foibles despite his mechanical background. (This sort of joke was postmodernized on Futurama.)

More often than not, R.U.D.I. was getting George into trouble through his general incompetence and playfulness. In the crossover hit The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones, R.U.D.I. is seduced to the dark side by another computer run by Mr. Spacely's competitor, Mr. Coswell. In the end, he comes back around and helps save the day, of course, but given his work resume, he'd better hope that Spracely Sprockets doesn't have a planned obsolescence policy.

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