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The process used by universities to select which students they will hire for a position as a Resident Assistant at said university.

The selection process is rather lenghty, usually taking a full day to complete.

The day begins with what is known as group process. During this time, all potential candidates are shuffled through different rooms in which they participate in different activites designed to let the other RAs (who, by the way, are the ones who choose the upcoming RAs) see how well you react in group different situations and how well you work with others.

Later in the day the interview process begins. These short sessions allow the complex directors and other RAs ask you situational questions, and question your motives for seeking a position as a resident assistant.

If everything goes well, you will be asked to return to a social gathering later that week where you will have the chance to meet directors from every residence hall on campus. This is your chance to impress them and convince them that you are the one that they need on their staff.

If you manage to survive all these tasks, and there is an opening in one of the residence halls, you just might have a shot at becoming a resident assistant.

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