They called us Rear Echelon MotherFuckers.

To the guys in the bush--the 11 Bravo 10's who did all of the killing and most of the dying--we were lower than dogshit. Because we were lucky. Our numbers hadn't come up.

At the height of the Vietnam War there were eight REMFs in the rear for every grunt in the bush. We were the clerks and cooks and typists and mechanics and doctors and linguists and lawyers and morticians who never saw the war except in the eyes of those who fought it.

We had one thing in common with the foot soldier: we hated the army too.

REMFS is the working title of a serial nightmare here on E2 that begins with I was a prisoner in a Mexican whorehouse and a long time gone, and continues with how to brush your teeth in a combat zone and Libber and I go to war.

On Vietnam:


  1. I was a prisoner in a Mexican Whorehouse
  2. A long time gone
  3. How to brush your teeth in a combat zone
  4. Libber and I go to war
  5. Fate takes a piss
  6. Thanks For the Memory
  7. Back in the Shit
  8. LZ Waterloo
  9. Saturday Night, Numbah Ten


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