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That round innocent mouth-less face takes on a new expression...slowly her small black eyes grow larger, the clean whiteness of her toy fur turning a sallow grey, the three isolated whiskers on each side of her face morph into giant blades of death, blood already spontaneously dripping off them. Now her eyes are glowing red.

You figure something's up.

The original blankness of her face has now given way to that contorted, polluted and infected expression of an evil blood-thirsty madman(kitty).

Before you have time to register exactly what is going on, its too late...those knife-edged whiskers have already penetrated your throat and you lie motionless as your beloved toy and friend stalks off to enjoy another meal... NOTE: This defect only occurs very infrequently, usually in those stuffed Hello Kittys wearing animal costumes eg raccoon skin etc

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